SSI is a leader in disability reform by creating opportunities for people with disability to contribute in all aspects of life: economic, social and civic. ABS data highlights that people with disability have a higher rate of entrepreneurship than people without disability.

As a result, Ignite, SSI’s social enterprise that addresses small business entrepreneurship, has developed a ground-breaking program that taps into an individual’s ambitions and motivations for a future of sustainable self-employment.

IgniteAbility Small Business Start-ups™ demonstrates SSI’s commitment to, and innovation in, enhancing the social and economic participation of the people it supports.


Ignite Ability program is open to

  • anyone living with disability
  • parent or carer
  • support workers

regardless of age or visa status. Contact us for more info of if you have a business idea you’d like to explore, fill out below referral form and a facilitator will be in touch to arrange a first meeting.