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UTS – SSI Refugee Entrepreneurship Program 2019 – 2021

The aim of the three-year (2019 – 2021) IGNITE: Western Sydney UTS-SSI Refugee Entrepreneurship Program is to facilitate 40 refugees establish a business venture using the successful SSI IGNITE Small Business Start-ups Program (2013 – 2018) model. The entrepreneurs are guided, supported and mentored by SSI facilitators and UTS along with a diverse and expert resource team to ensure business sustainability and growth.

This program will build on the existing relationship between SSI and the UTS Business School – which conducted an independent evaluation of the SSI IGNITE Small Business Start-ups Program (2015-2016), and described the great success in assisting 54 entrepreneurs start small businesses. This number has now increased to 110 businesses established, with support provided for over 500 refugee entrepreneurs.


Ignite Western Sydney program is a free and confidential business support offering available to refugee and other newcomer business owners in Western Sydney.

This project has concluded.