Ignite Regional

Project Date: 2020- 2023

Funding Support: SSI, LendLease

Description: Ignite saw an opportunity to support regional entrepreneurs in the places that SSI had an existing footprint.    SSI funded the Ignite program to provide support to the Coffs Harbour and Armidale communities, regardless of the community the person came from.  Refugees, people with disability, unemployed, women, and anyone requiring support to develop their business idea in regional areas was providing with mentoring support.

Ignite received additional supplementary funding from LendLease Foundation who saw the value of supporting economic participation in the regions.

The LendLease supported projects in Coffs Harbour were successful in supporting local Myanmar communities, farmers, food trucks, home improvement businesses, seamstress, retail and many more businesses who Ignite continues to support today.

Read one of our most successful case studies here: ABC Case Study on Myanmar Farmers Supported by Ignite and SSI.