Passion into Possibility

Welcome to Ignite®. We support individuals with an idea for self-employment.  We help build capability, create connections and provide customised support for people who may experience barriers to accessing business support.  Our 2024 impact focus is to support women from diverse backgrounds in an inclusive and supportive environment.


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Our Impact

Participating through employment or self- employment is important for having an independent future, and for physical, mental and personal well-being and sense of belonging and identity.

Ignite has evidence that the biggest impact made on the life of the clients is in building self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Ignite’s unique person-centered approach, which is curated individually for each client, empowers the client to take steps forward.   This social value is a critical foundation for a client to participate economically.

“Ignite has helped me more than anything or anyone else in Australia. As a women Ignite has enabled me to feel like an entrepreneur and built up my confidence.”

Worked with over 2000 clients across all programs.
Helped start 350+ small businesses.
One-to-one facilitation and volunteer hours provided

About Ignite

Ignite® is a social enterprise that supports people who are exploring self-employment. We work with individuals who are experiencing barriers to receiving support for their idea. Ignite clients are from diverse backgrounds including CALD communities, People with Disability, First Nations, women, youth and low income.   Ignite was established in 2013 by SSI, a national not-for-profit.