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Are you passionate about social issues, refugee resettlement, supporting Indigenous Australians and people living with disability? If you have skills and knowledge in product development, marketing (including social media, sales, strategy, branding, graphic and web design), business planning, finance and accounting, or legal and compliance, we’d love to hear from you! See below for how to get involved.


Ignite helps budding entrepreneurs with start-up costs like business name registration, domain name, hosting, market stall, logo and website design, to name a few. Plus, for every dollar you donate and we spend on a client, you return $5.60 of social value on your investment*.


$100 Impact

supports the client with professional logo design by a member of our resource team. For many entrepreneurs, having the logo often results in increased confidence as they start to feel their business dream becoming a reality.


$250 Impact

supports the client with a professional logo design and business cards design and print. By having these marketing materials, the entrepreneur is enabled to network and spread the word about their new business.


$500 Impact

supports the client with a business name registration, professional logo design, business card and flyer design and print. This enables the entrepreneur to reach a wider audience and increase their sales and income.


$1000 Impact

supports the client with a business name, logo, business card and flyer design and print, hosting, domain name, simple website and social media; everything they need to operate and grow independently.

Join Our Resource Team

Our resource team consists of business volunteers, low-bono professionals, pro-bono industry mentors/experts, students and interns and on occasion corporate volunteers. Our resource team members are essential in our Entrepreneur’s business journey and form a part of their business eco-system of support. If you are passionate about giving back to the community, supporting recently arrived refugees, humanitarian entrants, asylum seekers, people living with disability and Indigenous Australians, and are looking for a flexible way to give back, please express your interest below. We’d love to hear from you.

Our volunteers are committed to SSI’s vision and mission to support newcomers and other vulnerable Australians to prosper.

See below for more info, openings and how to join each category of our Resource Team.

We’re always on the lookout for skilled volunteers who can help our entrepreneurs with their businesses. Whether you’re working, partially retired, or retired, we might have a perfect opportunity that fits your schedule and lets you use your talents to make a real difference in our entrepreneurs’ lives.

If you want to know more, you can Contact Us or check out the options below to learn more and submit your application.

Marketing Strategy Support

Social Media Support

Content Writer

Digital Marketing Graphic Design Support

Accounting & Finance Support

General Business Support

Are you a recent Graphic or Web Design graduate looking to start building a professional portfolio? If you answered yes, then you must get in touch with us.

We provide you with an opportunity to earn a small fee whilst practising your skill and at the same time making a huge difference in our client’s lives. From experience, Brand and Digital Identity are the most crucial milestones in our client’s business journey, as they signify the beginning of their dream into reality.

If you like the sound of this opportunity and would like to find out more, Contact Us today.

Industry Specialists are Ignite pro-bono resource team members with specialised skills and expertise that may not be as common, or required on a more frequent basis, like marketing and finance support.

As an Industry Specialist, you can join the Ignite resource team directly without going through SSI formal volunteer program. You are however required to sign the Ignite Pro-bono Industry Specialist Deed which sets out the legal terms and conditions of the involvement in the program.

If you like the sound of this opportunity and would like to find out more, Contact Us today.

If your business or organisation is looking for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunities, there are many different ways to get involved with Ignite. Contact to get in touch and find out more.