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Hut 6, 142 Addison Rd
Marrickville, NSW 2204

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More About Ignite and SSI

Ignite® is an SSI social enterprise that supports the growing community of people interested in exploring self-employment.

Ignite’s mission is to help build capability, improve social cohesion and create economic participation for the communities we serve.

Through a combination of skills building, networking and 1:1 mentorship, clients are provided choice and options that are flexible to meet their capability and capacity.

We fulfil a gap that is left by mainstream supports, for customised solutions and pathways that can assist people with language barriers, complex barriers due to disability, barriers around parenting commitments, financial and social barriers to participation.

The Ignite team consists of experienced, trauma informed case managers, successful business coaches, several mentors with prior experience of disability, displacement and intersectional barriers as well as experienced social impact practitioners.

We extend our internal capability through a volunteer network of specialised employment and industry specific business mentors.

To find out more about Ignite please use the contact form.

SSI is a national not-for-profit organisation providing dedicated human and social services to a diverse Australia. SSI supports individuals, children, families and communities via a range of vital human services, from settlement support of newcomers and refugees, through to programs in employment and education, and health, wellbeing and social supports for all Australians, new and old.