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Ignite Female Founders

The Ignite Female Founders program is co-designed to support women entrepreneurs in overcoming the intersectional barriers that limit their success. It provides tailored support to meet the unique needs of each participant, with a focus on addressing challenges such as limited financial independence, caregiving responsibilities, and social isolation. The program offers flexible scheduling to fit around the family commitments of participants and creates safe networking spaces for women to connect, build relationships, and receive peer-to-peer mentoring. Participants also gain access to female role models and support to inspire and guide them along their journey.

In addition to providing foundational knowledge of the Australian business environment, the program helps entrepreneurs;

  • test and refine their product and service
  • implement marketing plans for their business idea
  • be connected with volunteers who can help with legal and financial management
  • supports scaling and strengthening of businesses as needed
  • learn about alternative employment and learning pathways.
  • connect and network with other similar businesses.


Ignite Female Founders is for women and girls. Priority focus is to support women from the following;

  • women with disability,
  • CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities, (including migrants and refugees)
  • First Nations women
  • Female identifying youth and elders.