Ignite Canada

Ignite has successfully licensed their model to the Services Society of British Columbia (ISSofBC) since 2018.

The Ignite® Canada program has been tailored and shaped specifically for newcomers in Canada.  The program delivery team has been trained by the Ignite team in Australia and continue to receive mentoring and program development activity.

The impact for ISSofBC has been the adoption of a high quality, successful program to meet the needs of their community.

If you are an organisation interested in implementing a unique support model to  address your community, get in touch today.


  • Permanent Resident, Refugee (Government-Assisted and Privately Sponsored) or Protected Person
  • Individual who has been selected to become a Permanent Resident and who has been informed by a letter from IRCC
  • BC Resident
  • Employed, unemployed or under-employed
  • Live-in Caregiver or Temporary Foreign Worker with approval in principle