IgniteAbility Workshop Booking Request

We can partner with your organisation to hold our IgniteAbility Workshop for your clients who may be interested in starting a business, have an existing business, or are just interested in learning more about entrepreneurship.

This workshop will give attendees an understanding of:

  • The difference between a hobby and a business
  • How to assess the overall strength of your business or business idea
  • Your role in the business
  • The importance of effective business partnerships and how to connect.
    Following the workshop, referral into the SSI IgniteAbility® program is available for one-on-one free support for workshop participants ready to start their small business or consolidate an existing one.

We can deliver the workshop at no cost to you at a venue of your choice or alternatively, we can run them at one of our offices. We can also offer to run a group workshop virtually.

Our other workshops can be found on our Programs page, including our recurring virtual workshops for individual enrolments, or our self-paced workshop provided in an e-learning format.