Fares Alshahaf

For eighteen years, Fares has been able to transfer anything sketched onto a piece of paper into wearable jewellery – a remarkable skill. Growing up in Syria, he practiced jewellery design and wax carvings, studying at the same time.

His love for designing jewellery took the backseat in 2014, when he moved his family to Australia in hope for a safer life. But it didn’t stop him from his dream of owning his own jewellery manufacturing business. In 2017, Fares went to TAFE to formally study jewellery manufacture and design, as well as a setting course so he could work with precious stones.

Fares’s wife heard about SSI at one of the local public schools, and when their case manager learned of Fares’s talent, he was referred to the Ignite program to get his business off the ground. ‘Ignite has been such a positive experience for me,’ says Fares. ‘I feel supported, and I know my business is going in the right direction.’

Fares is especially grateful for Ignite’s assistance in identifying the risks associated with starting a business. ‘Their resource team gives business advice with right steps in order that are easy to follow,’ he says. ‘I know my business is being set up for long-term sustainability.’

Ignite helped Fares create business cards, and referred him to a talented Resource Team member who helped build a professional ecommerce website. ‘Ignite is always there to help with business advice,’ says Fares. ‘My hope is that the website will help us to promote our services and build our name.’

For now, Fares is happy he has the chance to practice his passion and is content with watching his business slowly grow. ‘My dream is to become a household jewellery name and we can leave our mark in the jewellery industry with our unique design.’